Google adds support to Intel’s Viiv bandwagon

LONDON — Intel Corp. said Thursday (Jan. 5) that it is working with search engine company Google Inc. to make Google Video, a form of a video-on-demand accessible on Viiv computers.Viiv is something Intel calls a technology platform. In essence Viiv is a reference design for a computer with an emphasis on playing audio and video files sourced from over the internet.

PCs based on Viiv are expected to support high-definition video and surround sound, but the Intel-Google cooperation would allow Google Video users to consume video on their television and on portable devices as well, Intel said.

Kevin Corbett, vice president, Digital Home Group and general manager, Content Services Group at Intel said that Viiv has been designed to allow service providers to include digital rights management and search functions based on specifications.

“Both companies believe open standards are critical to provide rapid growth in digital entertainment. Our goal is to work closely with Intel to make Google Video content available on new digital devices in the home,” said Susan Wojcicki, vice president for product management at Google, in a statement issued by Intel.

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