Corel launches WordPerfect 3X

Software Company Corel have announced the availability of their latest version of word processor application Corel WordPerfect 3X. The latest version would help the company chip away more users away from the current market leaders MS Office. Microsoft itself is due to launch their latest version of the Office Suite, MS Office 12. Microsoft claims that the new version would come with an overhauled user interface designed to make complicated tasks easier for the regular users.

Corel WordPerfect 3X comes with improved support for PDF document creation. The latest version not only exports documents to PDF format, but also imports them for modifications. Jason Larock, product director said in a statement on this improved support for PDF files: “We can pull PDFs into WordPerfect. Before people could use it to create PDFs but now it’s two-way.”

Microsoft is also planning to add-on support for creating PDF files from MS Office 12 applications. However, that support is only going to be one way and it is unlikely that the application would be able to import PDF files for modifications. Corel has also stated that they would add on support for OpenDocument format if customers demand it.

WordPerfect Office Suite now also comes with its own Email application. In addition, Corel has also incorporated technology from PowerTrace to help the graphic designers convert bit map images into editable vector graphics.

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