Mozilla Firefox for Intel powered Macintosh coming in March

Open source foundation Mozilla has said that they plan to launch their application versions for the recently launched Macintosh machines powered by Intel processors sometime in March this year. Mozilla Firefox is now the second most widely used web browser online and it is significant for them to cater to the Macintosh audiences who would be purchasing these new machines already available on Apple Web Stores.

Mozilla would be aiming to get users away from the Apple Mac OS X default browser Safari to use their browser application. However, it just might be tough for them to achieve that considering unlike Microsoft; Safari is frequently updated and is closely tied to online services provided by the company. In addition, Safari is also one of the most standard compliant web browsers around.

Mozilla is already offering a test version of the Firefox for Intel powered Macintoshes. However, it would take sometime before the browser application is ready for wide release. Mozilla is also waiting for an updated release of Flash Plug-in for this customized version of Firefox release, which seems to be crashing the test version. Mozilla software engineer Josh Aas said in a statement on this issue: “The problem has been brought to Macromedia’s attention, and they are working on a fix”.

Of course, Apple has made sure that all existing applications made for regular Macintosh computers run fine on Intel powered versions. They are making use of Rosetta, a tool built into the Apple operating system that lets programs written for PowerPC run on Intel machines. However, most software companies would like to bypass this converter to ensure better performing applications as the Intel powered Macs become more popular and widespread.

Even the third popular browser application online, Opera is due to get a special version for this platform in the coming months. It would be interesting to see whether the custom versions perform any better than the regular versions written for the regular Macintosh machines. Apple has claimed that they are looking towards converting all their offerings to Intel powered versions by next year.

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