Windows XP is said to be the most secure operating system, it is said to be an invulnerable operating system. 80% of the computer users in this world use Windows XP. Microsoft has said that Windows XP has will help you to have a safe and secure computing experience. I am completely agreeing with this, but I want to tell that Windows XP is not invulnerable; there are some security holes in this operating system. Here, I will be discussing a security hole. Through this security hole, you will be able to penetrate the administrator password.

NOTE: Please note, here, I am assuming that your Windows XP box has an administrator password.

First of all, get a Windows XP bootable CD, if you don’t have one , please read the section Hacking Techniques – Beginners.
Okay, after you get a Windows XP bootable CD, place it in your CD ROM or CD Re-Writer, now boot your computer through CD.

In Windows XP, during the splash screen, press F4 and then choose boot from CD.

Now, you will see a message on the screen saying that
“Press any key to boot from CD”

Once you get into the setup, you will observe that setup is inspecting your system and loading setup files. Once you get the Welcome to Setup screen, press ENTER to setup windows. The Licensing Agreement will be displayed next press F8 to agree it. The next screen will give you an option to do a repair. You will see that “If one of the following Windows XP installations is damaged, Setup can try to repair it”

Use UP and DOWN arrow keys to select Windows XP Installation and then press R to begin the Repair Process.

You must let the repair run. Setup will now check your disks and start copying installation files, this may take few minutes. After the Copying File process, you will be required to reboot.

NOTE: Reboot will happen automatically, you will see a red progress bar.

“Your Computer will reboot in 15 seconds”

During the reboot, do not press any key to continue because if you do then the normal boot up process will start.
Setup will automatically start and you will observe that Installing Windows is highlighted.

You have to keep your eye on the lower left side of the screen, when you see “Installing Devices”, press SHIFT+F10, this is the security hole in this operating system, you will now see a command console which will enable you to access your system.

Now, you have to type NUSRMGR.CPL and then press enter, to execute your command. Believe it or not, you will now gain a graphical access to your User Account in the Control Panel.

Now, you can do anything, you can change the passwords of the accounts or you can even remove the passwords. After you have completed the manipulations, go to command prompt and type exit. Wait for the repair process to get over, then reboot your system and find the change.

You can also stop the password prompt, for this you must follow the same procedure given above. But, only one thing you have to change, in the command prompt type in control userpassword2, a screen will popup, choose log on without being asked for the password.

NOTE: After making changes in the command prompt or through the command prompt, always exit using the exit command, this will save the changes.

Password Reset Disk

Have you ever thought of a Password Reset Disk? I will teach you how to make one, I am sure this will help you guys.
Okay here we go; firstly you must have a blank formatted floppy disk. Go to Control Panel and open User Accounts. Choose your account, under Related Tasks, you will see a category called as “Prevent Forgotten Password”, enter a blank formatted floppy in your floppy drive and then click on “Prevent Forgotten Password”. This will initiate a wizard; click Next until the wizard asks for your login passwords. Enter your login password and then click Next.
The creation of your password disk will begin, once it is finished, give a label and save it in a safe and secure place.

You now know, how to create a password reset disk, but you must be wondering how you would use this disk. It is very easy to use; you must restart your system for this, when you get the login screen, leave the password box blank.

This will bring in the Login Failure box; you will see the option of Password Reset Disk. Don’t panic, insert your Password Reset Disk and follow the procedure. Through this procedure you will be able to put a new password.

Cracking Windows XP User Accounts

Now, that you how to crack Windows XP Administrator password, now you will learn how to crack Windows XP user accounts.

NOTE: Here, I am assuming that you don’t have an administrator password.

Okay, here we go, first of all you must reboot your system, during the splash screen, press F8 and choose Safe Mode.

NOTE: In safe mode, the system takes up 16 color screen resolution and 640 x 480 pixels video mode.
Once you get the login screen, enter through the Administrator Account. Once you enter the administrator account, go to control panel and then to User Accounts. Click on the particular user account and then click on Remove Password. By this way you will be able to remove the password of the particular user account. Reboot your system in the normal boot up mode and find the change.

NOTE: If your Windows XP box is not on a network, then there will be no administrator password. Actually, the non-network systems have a hidden administrator with no password.

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  1. thank god i found this. This one is better bcz for the past few days i was struggling at home.

  2. thank god i found this. This one is better bcz for the past few days i was struggling at home. In hurry i mistyped my name

  3. I like all what you say there… but I am asking if I was in some company with domin net connection and I just have user rights …that mean I can’t install any program or get user account from control pannel …is there any wat to crack the admin password or to get admin right for me …is that possible with out using a bootable CD or Disk …I like to make it more hard to feel the challange ….hope to get the answer soon …..thanks

  4. I think it’s not possible without a Bootable disk. After all it’s a matter of security. And cannot be possible for any OS.

    There is one more ‘Linux Windows Admin password reset’ kit available. Check out it.

    ~ Ankit

  5. Cool. Thanks for the pointer

  6. Rock Knight go get a memory stick and install the program on there i use 2 programs that crack passwords i can crack nearly any windows XP passwords with these to programs and i use DOS commands to bypass things 😀 these programs are always good to know

  7. How to protect any system from the hacking on the admin password, i mean how to close windows xp hole


  9. Fair play. Thanks very much for that

  10. Guys what is the best xp admin password cracker..hope 2 hear soon.thanx

  11. i would like to know how you break a computers passward and joining into the computer. if it is possible for you please send me that thing
    by my e-mail adress and thanks for joining this site.

  12. I was trying to crack the Windows XP User Accounts by login in safe mode and then go to control panel, but when I go to User Accounts to remove my “limited Account” I don’t see any acounts at all. Do you guys have any idea why is this? or anything that I can do? Please help, thanks!

  13. piz email me some “pointers” on how to do what i want knowledge is power after all

  14. do you guys have any idea why when I log-in in safe mode go to control panel and then user accounts, nothing appears? Its compleatly blank and I can’t modify any user accounts???

  15. Amateur, you don’t need to go through all that pallava to hack the administrator password. You can do one of two things:

    1) 9 times out of ten there is no administrator password. In windows XP pro at the welcome screen press ctrl+alt+del to go to the logon screen, change the user name to administrator and press enter. Works on most new laptops as the user is created as well as the administrator’s account.

    2) Go to “http://home.eunet.no/pnordahl/ntpasswd/bootdisk.html”

    Follow instructions on website.
    Works on XP Home, Pro, 2000 pro and event NT.

    Have used it 45-50 times succesfully in the past two years. In fact I used it on a laptop yesterday.

  16. i wll try this.
    then get back to u

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  24. is there any way to access administrator from limited account…



    PLZ HELP ME……….

  26. How the HELL do I prevent this?

  27. greate hack

  28. can u tell me when u r repairing the xp, the softwares installed on

    that machine will remain the same or it will simply install new wxp

    or otherwise i will have to install all those softwares previously installed
    plz reply soon

  29. of course your programs will stay installed while repairing M$ windows

    ashpak, considering that the US and the navy were hacked by some freak, hacking yahoo is nothing impossible, but normal people like you or I can’t master it. you’d need a UNIX OS, lots of experience, and a few nights in front of your computer :-O

    the best way to prevent being hacked like that would probably be a report to M$.

  30. download erd2003 2005 winternals boot disk or miniPE

    too easy 😉

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