Amazon Hacks (with source code)

Author(s): Paul Bausch
Publisher: O’Reilly
Year: Aug, 2003
ISBN: 0-596-00542-3
Language: English
File type: CHM
Pages: 304
Size (for download): 2.87 MB

Amazon Hacks is a collection of real-world tips, tricks, and full-scale solutions to practical uses of and the Amazon Web Services API . The book offers a variety of interesting ways for power users to get the most out of Amazon and its community, for Associates to hone their recommendations for better linking and more referral fees, for researchers to mine the enormous amount of information in Amazon’s data store, and for developers to integrate Amazon Web Services into their applications and services.

When opened its virtual doors on July 16, 1995, it was just one among several online booksellers. As Amazon embraced the technology to categorize and display millions of books in one space, people embraced the ability to search for and purchase books in a new way. The experience of building a successful business based on an open system like the Web has influenced Amazon throughout its history.

Amazon has consistently pushed the technology envelope in their quest to provide a satisfying, personalized experience for their customers. What started as a human-edited list of product recommendations has morphed into a sophisticated computer-generated recommendation engine that tailors product choices for tens of millions of individuals by analyzing their purchase history and the patterns of other Amazon customers. As the Web evolved into a two-way space for discussion and community, Amazon developed features that let anyone post information and advice about products. They embraced the marketing power of other web sites by giving site owners a portion of sales they sent to Amazon. They opened their billing system and catalog to third parties and turned their web site into a marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers.

With this history of opening their technology to others, it shouldn’t have been a surprise when on July 16, 2002, Amazon released a free Web Services interface that gave developers programmatic access to Amazon’s vast collection of product and customer data. With this interface, Amazon combined their core features of recommendations, affiliate marketing, and marketplace commerce into a single technology platform that can be used to build applications and businesses.

Chapter 1. Browsing and Searching
Chapter 2. Controlling Your Information
Chapter 3. Participating in the Amazon Community
Chapter 4. Selling Through Amazon
Chapter 5. Associates Program
Chapter 6. Amazon Web Services



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  2. Thanks, man, you are great for sharing these.. 😉

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