Yahoo Password Stealer v.10

Yahoo Password Stealer is an advanced application with which you can retreive your password from the registry if you have forgotten one for an old User ID. It also logs User Ids and passwords used on the PC and stores it in an encrypted file for later retreival, so that you know who logged on in your absence. Yahoo Password Stealer can also be remotely installed on far-away computers over the internet to which you may not have physical access to, and the passwords used to login would be sent over by email to your preset/predefined email address!! Well thats not all, It can also send the passwords instantly over Instant Messenger (IM). All without the sender knowing it!! Full Version Features-: 1.You can create Remote Installation packages, that can be secretly intsalled on far-away computers. 2.Remote Installation would bypass Anti-Virus/ Firewall detection by injecting into Yahoo Messenger. 3.You can set YPS to autorun with Windows on computer startup. 4.YPS can be set to hide from Task Manager so asto not be visible while running. 5. Free Updates to all New versions of YPS.


55 Responses

  1. please give the software
    i love this software

  2. this has a logger in it, don’t download

  3. i dont get i cant download any thing everything say upload i dont see link which says download

  4. i love this

  5. I love it

  6. no coment


  8. i like 2 use this software…

  9. haha … not work.. now with latest AVG antivirus/ or any firewall automatically remove YPS installation attempt..

  10. Sorry, but you seem to have bumped into an invalid link.

  11. I need this Software , Becouse some body cheat me . now i need information about him.. so plz send me soon

  12. I can’t download it, could you please send it to me by mail??

  13. please send me this software immediately. thank you

  14. some1 tried this on me and my computer detected it. it doesnt work at all.

  15. pls send me this file. i need this software. pls send to my email. tnx

  16. That’s amazing

  17. plz send me a software or a way through whihc i can get my yahoo stolen password back or can modify it or crack it again plz help me it will be a great favour

  18. you would have to be stupid to take part in downloading this file people listen if ya cant crack it on yer own then its not meant to be

  19. please can someone send me yahoo password stealer and best web hacking tools, i lost mine pls,

  20. gooooooooooooooood boy

  21. goooooooooooodi

  22. I have yahoo id hacker. hahahahaha
    No one can cheat me. 1,00,000 is its cost.

  23. send it to me pls

  24. I need this software…. how can i get it plzzzz

  25. I have one from a Yahoo programmer i know,but it’s not cheap

  26. please send me the software to my mail cos i need it

  27. thats all bullshit looking for hacking tools etc i have my own tools th best ever forever juss gimme the yahoo id and i will give the password in 15 minutes if the user is online ;-)have fun guys tc

  28. Pls someone help to get an yahoo pw.
    maybe obama_s_father?

  29. vhalenchel yahoo id.can send the password to my alternate email add.?

  30. many thanxxxxxxxxxx

  31. thanx

  32. Pls,i need this software can someone send it to me via email at

  33. Obama_s_father.pls kindly send me your email add.its urgent

  34. tanx n i nid sum1 2 help me pls..

  35. please send one of this password stealer to my email thank you:) and more power

  36. I have forgot my other yahoo id password or some one has hacked that so plz can u retrive my password my id is

  37. thanks

  38. send me the software plssss.plsssss

  39. hi friends here u can download yahoo tool

    if u have any porblim then mail me.

    best luck

  40. pls help me give me the the link of yahoo password finder or email to me the password of this add. tnx tnx tnx.pls

  41. pls help me give me the the link of yahoo password finder or email to me the password of this add. tnx tnx tnx.pls

  42. plz snd me the link .i did’nt get it.i

  43. i want the link of yahoo password finder plz plz plzzzzzzzz snd me….i did’nt find it

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