Downloading RapidShare Files With Resume Capability

With this technique you could download RapidShare files with resume capability and Support for Download Accelerators, I personally found this technique quiet useful thought it would be useful for you too (especially people on Dailup).

Well these are the things you would need for this tutorial:
A hosting with php support (well try this free php host
Rapid leech script
Rapidshare Link Grabber

Then follow these steps:
Logon to your hosting
Upload all the files of RapidLeech Script in the desired directory
Chmod the folder to 777 and also chmod index.php to 777
Get the link using Rapidshare Link Grabber
Go to
Paste the link in the textbox and press download

Well if you don’t see any thing at all it might be because it take a little time to copy the file depending on your hosting (50mb takes around 2.5 to 4 min)

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