supplier…: jimi date…….: 07/03/2006
tester…..: jimi
packager…: jimi
system…..: WinAll

install notes:

1. unrar

2. install

3. thats all 😉

Trojan Guarder Gold v7.05

Detect and eliminate viruses, Trojans, and macro viruses, even unknown and potential ones, on your PC. Kill unknown Trojans and Viruses without updating!!!

Though installed with anti-virus system and firewall, your PC is still not safe enough. Trojans could be recording all your valuable passwords and credit card information without your knowing it. Trojan is a mini program running on a workstation. At its basic level, it merely records every key pressed together with the username and password when you access any computer network. Thus, it may give hackers chances of entering your computer and damaging the system. Trojan guarder initiates a system named Guard Ghost to supervise all running processes in memory system, Windows files, and open ports to search and eliminate worms and Trojan horses at any time.


apply the crack who’s in the .rar to the .exe file of trojan remover and after that you will be able to use the serial number to register.

ASCII Generator-add ascii pics to your own nfo files

Ascii Generator dotNET (ascgen2) is an application to convert images into high quality ASCII art – text that accurately represents the original image. The first program of its kind to support variable width fonts, and real-time output adjustment.

Link(1.12 mo):

SnagIt Screen Capture and Sharing 8.1

Snagit Screen Capture and Sharing 8.1

Use SnagIt to capture, edit and share images from your PC screen to make presentations more dynamic, explain hard-to explain concepts with images via e-mail, add images to handouts for students and more.



Linux Troubleshooting For System Admins And Power Users

Author(s): James Kirkland, David Carmichael, Christopher L. Tinker, Gregory L. Tinker
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Year: Apr 2006
ISBN: 0-13-185515-8
Language: English
File type: CHM
Pages: 624
Size (for download): 4.06 MB



Linux Bible 2006 Edition

Author(s): Christopher Negus
Publisher: Wiley
Year: Jan 2006
ISBN: 0-471-75489-7
Language: English
File type: PDF
Pages: 911
Size (for download): 8.57 MB



Pragmatic Ajax : A Web 2.0 Primer (Draft)

It’s not just another book on Ajax. It’s Pragmatic Ajax: a concise, complete look at a new way of envisioning and implementing browser-based applications.
Ajax turns static web pages into interactive applications. Now you can deploy rich-client applications to clients without sacrificing the easy deployment of web applications. But to many folks, Ajax seems difficult. That’s why we produced this book. As a Pragmatic guide, it strips away the mystery and shows you the easy way to make Ajax work for you.

We cover the the basics of DHTML, JavaScript, and the infamous XmlHttpRequest call. You’ll see how to add Ajax to existing programs, and design new applications to exploit the power of Web 2.0. Learn the three layers of Ajax framework, and when (and how) to use each. See how to create rich clients, use visual effects, add client-side validation, and handle forms. Write applications that degrade gracefully if clients don’t support JavaScript. And see how to integrate your Ajaxified clients into Java, .NET, and Ruby on Rails server frameworks.

download .rar.html

Password: free4all