Eye Q – Speed Reading and Brain Enchancement Technology

Would you like to increase your reading speed by 2 times . . . 5 times . . . or even 10 TIMES? And all the while gaining better comprehension? You CAN accomplish this and MORE with the Infinite Mind eyeQ Reading Enhancement Program! This program is excellent for all those who read
from children age 8 to teens and even adults! It is recommended that you use the program every other day for the first 3 weeks, and then every day thereafter – practice is the key!

Use this program to improve:
• Concentration and focus!
• Peripheral vision!
• Self-esteem and confidence!
• Hand-eye coordination and typing speed!
• Eye-brain connection!
• Family Productivity (Kids do homework faster and parents can spend more time with the family)!





4 Responses

  1. Hi ,
    Thanx for this ! Looks impressive.
    cheers !!

  2. it asks for the original cd .please help

  3. Please reupload, linmk expitred thanks

  4. Pl provide new link.

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