IZotope Spectron DX VST RTAS v1.09 FULL : AUDIO Tool

Spectron is the new “must have” tool for sound designers. It offers spectral processing with a powerful interface which lets sound designers control groups of frequency bands with virtually unlimited options for sweeping and triggering. By chaining effects including morphing, panning, delay/feedback combinations and filtering, it’s easy to find a unique sound with Spectron.

Spectron uses the Spectron Engine to split audio into thousands of frequency bands, apply effects independently to each band, and then resynthesize the audio to create entirely new sounds. It can provide delay effects, but it adds the ability to selectively delay, feedback and modulate specific ranges of frequencies. It can sound like a flanger or chorus, but with additional spectral complexity and richness. It can filter signals, but unlike an EQ it has the unique ability to morph, modulate and harmonically filter sounds.

If you’re looking for a unique sound, you’ve come to the right place. Spectron can be swirly, funky, electronic, organic, ambient, trippy or retro. It can be a delay, chorus, filter, flanger, panner, morpher — but not like any you’ve ever heard before. It’s easy to find your own sound with Spectron, and you’ll soon see what we mean when we say that Spectron offers nearly unlimited possibilities for sound design.


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