Ultimate Rapidshare Tutorial

Ultimate Rapidshare Tutorial

First of all, I’m surprised that not that many people know about easy tool for decoding the source code from the RapidShare html. Here is the best tool so far created, in my opinion Rapid DeCoder v0.1

direct download link:

Let’s make an easy example now!

1st. We need to find some RapidShare links, we will use Google and some simple commands: allinurl:rapidshare.de/files/

Here is the first hit, link:


2nd. Disable JavaScript in your firewall or browser and go to above link, then click Free (button).

3rd. Fire up the Rapid DeCoder and open the pages html source code you should see some thing like this:


Copy this source code starting with unescape( and ending with ), to Rapid DeCoder and click DeCode (button)

4th. You should see some thing like this:

unescape(‘<h2><font color=”#CC0000″> Download:</font>
<a href=”http://dl2.rapidshare.de/files/1246427/20447629/Model.doc”>Model.doc</a></h2>&#8217;)

Here is your decoded direct link, now just copy and paste the link to the browser and download without even waiting for the timer!

Result direct link:



3 Responses

  1. thank you very much for such tutorial
    i did every single word u said and it worked
    but it seems that u forgot that in free rapid downloading it asks for the 3 letters to be filled in the textbox plz do u have any solution for that thing
    and thanks again

  2. yo dude it did not work cheapo

  3. I couldn’d get Unescape in the source file, what should I do ?

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