Flashget v1.71 Super Pak 2

Flashget v1.71 Super Pak 2


Password: ane

EVERYTHING you need to install, use & customize Flashget v1.71 to the max. Flashget is the best download accellerator you can get. if you have a Rapidshare account, this is allowed to be used. It resumes downloads, can use multiple threads. Warns you if you try to download a link you already downloaded & much more.
This pack includes:

1) Flashget v1.71

2) Flashget v1.71 Patch

3) Flastget Reg tweak to increase number of connections & threads. (no Need for tweaker if this is all you need to customize.

4) Flashgit v1.61 – A Flashget tweaker

5) Flashget KeyGen

6) Flashget CHM format help file

7) Flashget FAQ – MHT format (open with browswer)

Flashget Help files (HTML .. use START.HTML to get going)

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