Easiest Way to Convert YouTube Videos for N95, iPod or PSP

I saw a very amusing commercial ad on YouTube today. I wanted to load it up on my N95 and share it with some of friends. Of course, N95 has support for watching YouTube videos, but it’s a little too buggy. So I tried wicked way of downloading the video and then converting the FLV file into MP4 (yup, N95 uses the same format used by iPod and PSP). I tried nearly half-a-dozen of these converters, but none of them worked. While some had problems running on Vista, others were trial versions of commercial converting software.

I found a freeware called Free YouTube to iPod Converter which effortless converted YouTube videos into MP4. I just had to copy and paste the YouTube URL into the application and hit the convert button. As simple as that!

Download Free YouTube to iPod Converter

Tip: Choose “iPod High Quality” preset while converting YouTube Videos for N95. They will look good, even when you connect your N95 to your TV set using the AV cables provided with the handset.

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