Chanel Choco phone

The market of the exclusive cell phones develops no slower than that of usual ones. The reason for this consists in the fact that many reach and famous people prefer to buy very expensive cell phones of limited editions. Generally the only thing that distinguishes these original devices from traditional ones is their first-class design. An absolutely new cell phone by Chanel represents one of such exclusive devices.

The gadget called the Chanel Choco phone is a cell phone that has been designed by Fred de Garilhe. It works by “integrating an optical fiber system that displays image between two glass parts. There are 12 micro lighter fibers that project image components to the glass, enabling thus quite a good luminosity, and keep the mobile phone concept as light as possible. But all the lights appear just when you open the phone by pushing removable part on the side of it.” In addition to this given cell phone looks incredibly great standing for Madame Coco Chanel’s superb design sense. Actually on the first glance the gadget doesn’t seem to be a phone at all. When it is closed, it looks more like a piece of chocolate, but made from white, black, or yellow gold surface.

Thus, given cell phone has every prospect to success. Moreover, I think that it will be desired by many people, despite its price that will probably be quite a high one, because nothing of this kind has been created before.

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