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Posted on April 16, 2008 by beijingolympic2008

French entrepreneur: “Those disturbing Olympic torch relay should come to see the real China”

When the western media gave an exaggerated account of the disturbance against Beijing Olympic torch relay by “pro-Tibet independence” separatists last week, French enterpriser Jorge Mora said he was “very very disappointed” when he saw these reports.

Mora told Xinhua in an exclusive interview on Tuesday that the disturbance of Olympic torch relay made not only himself but also most of French people disappointed, because most of the French people expect “the Beijing Olympic Games to succeed”.

“Most of those people don’t understand China, and most of them never put a foot in Tibet, and they even don’t have any idea of what they are talking about,” said Mora, CEO of the Asia section of the France-based Veolia Environment, a global leading environmental services provider.

Having worked in China for 15 years, Mora said it’s hard to explain why he enjoys the life so much in Beijing, but he believed what he saw in China was quite different from the description of some western media.

Though some media attacked China’s human rights situation, Mora said there is no country in the world with a perfect human rights record, and China indeed has made great improvement in this regard.

“China is changing every day. Since I came here in 1994, the country has been keeping improving for the best,” said Mora, adding that the progress that China has made in the past decades amazed him, where more and more people are getting better-quality lives, even for those living in rural areas.

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World politicians Express Support for Beijing Olympics

Posted on April 15, 2008 by beijingolympic2008

A number of world politicians have recently expressed their support for the Beijing Olympic Games.

South Korean Prime Minister Han Seung-soo said Monday that he hopes the upcoming torch relay in Seoul would be an opportunity to promote the spirit of the Olympic Games.

South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman Moon Tae-young said Friday that his country’s government fully supports the ongoing Olympic torch relay and is making all efforts to ensure the relay in Seoul a success.

Jigjee Sereejav, press officer of Mongolia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said Monday that he believes the Beijing Olympic Games will be held successfully and will be the best opportunity for Mongolian athletes to win their first Olympic gold medal.

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IOC confident of Beijing Olympic Security

Posted on April 11, 2008 by beijingolympic2008

IOC confident of Beijing Olympic security despite terror threat

The International Olympic Committee has expressed confidence in China’s security planning for the Beijing Games after police here said they had uncovered terrorist plots targeting the Games.

“It goes without saying that … our trust in the Chinese authorities to make sure the Games are secure are humanely possible is 100 percent,” said IOC spokeswoman Giselle Davies late on Thursday.

“Security is always a top priority for the IOC and we trust very much that the Chinese authorities will handle that with the right approach.”

She was speaking after Chinese police announced Thursday they had uncovered two terrorist plots including a plan to kidnap athletes, journalists and tourists expected to attend the August 8-24 Games in Beijing.

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Australian PM Rejects Beijing Olympics Boycott

Posted on April 9, 2008 by beijingolympic2008

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said here Wednesday he opposed a boycott of the Beijing Olympic Games and suggested building “continuing, profound and sincere friendship” with China.

In his speech delivered in fluent Chinese at the Peking University, Rudd said he disagreed with those who had called for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics, saying the event was “important for China’s continuing engagement with the world”.

Rudd said Australia wanted to be a true friend with China, “a partner who sees beyond immediate benefit to the broader and firm basis for continuing, profound and sincere friendship”.

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