Battle with my soul…K5

It was a gloomy night
In the hope of a little light
One Innocent was screaming loud
To get through the clumsy cloud

I shouted loud very stridently
To help him come out of the snare
Hurdles increased as well their intensity
As I moved forward to the shore

There was a flood
And to my surprise it was of blood
That tried to drench him in
Don’t know how I managed to hold him.

After some time his face became clear
Oh dear god! It was my soul
That was calling me to come over the fear
Make myself stanch and strong as I was before

He scolded me and still pinching me
Where I was standing and what I am today!
He tried a lot to teach me to call me
But was all in vain as I was on a wrong way

I myself seize the hurts to the deep
While I weep while I weep
My soul goes far away as I creep
And the battle gets over just in a beep

There is no beauty of sea surrounding the islands
Still I move forward in search of my soul
Gazing at the blue sky, and the dry grasslands
Longing to fly imprudently again in the heavens-lands…

Thanks to ‘K

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