To me you are a candle, that will never go out, Shining, flickering, Lighting my heart and my mind.
When I look at you, your presence pierces my soul.
I am bound, by your loveliness.
I have been but a pebble, But you make me feel like a rock.

I can only touch our memories, When I want to touch you.
How you have me captured, In your tightly wound silk web.
I give myself to you over and over in my dreams, I am immersed,
Deep into the ocean of my thoughts of you.

Not being able to decipher, the difference, Between fantasy and reality.
Oh, but I know, You, are both my fantasy and my reality,
Even though so painful and contradictory,
Living through, being through every second of its agility.

Always will you sit, on the top of my heart.
I fight the demons inside me, So I can do what is right.
For me it’s time to step up to avoid the sight,
Of the life letting it be, proving it to be a constant déjà-vu……

No matter how hard I try,
No one can soothe the wounds those made me cry…
Searching for the shroud that can cover my soul…
Under which I can hide….

Holding the head high I try again to fly in the blue sky….
To take one more fight and to let my dreams come true…..
With the facts remaining in all….. That………..

Forever, is my Feeling, Always, is my Time, Great, is my Lord,….

Thanks to ‘K

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