I lie Captive….K4

I lie captive in the confines of my own creation
My head mirrors the pain, flashing through my vision
Searing Reality numbs me to the world
I count my breaths as my shroud is unfurled

I loved and I loved passionately,was it wrong to expect tht in return?
I cared and I cared selflessly, was I right in receiving the heartburn?
I gave and I gave tirelessly, was it fitting to be repaid with slander?
My patience wore thin and I lashed out, and now they don’t appreciate the candour!

I know its pointless to have expectations when loving unconditionally
I know its madness to wish everyone was more like me
I know its useless to open my arms to the sky so blue
I know its meaningless to be there for someone who will never be there for you

I see your eyes twinkling at me
I see your smile directed at me
I see your pain beckoning to me
I will take it all… If only you let me…

Vilified at every turn, I choose to keep walking
Spurned at every door, I choose to keep knocking
Been there, done that, life’s becoming a constant déjà-vu
Pretending, Yearning, Hoping to find a friend who’d be true

…And yet, I return… to my own personal Hell…

Thanks to ‘K

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