It’s my Sunday..!!!!K7

The sun augmented the mountains and shined,
Like a baby crawled and smiled.
Enlightened my face with his rays
Full of warmth like the god praised.

I looked at the old wall clock,
Making silly faces,
I wished to sleep again,
Dreaming about heavenly places.

Searching for excuses, I covered my face a little more.
Showing the big ‘thumb’ at the ‘to do’ reminder board.
I heard someone shouting, knocking hard on the door.
Realizing my cutie puffy again jumped off the neighbor’s wall.

I rushed to the gate, to save my lovely pet,
From the cruel neighbor lady, jumping on the sofa-set.
Giving away a speech on mercy and patience,
I walked back with my puffy, with the face full of innocence.

With the sandwiches and juice, I turned my radio on.
Enjoyed the breakfast with music and health tips on
Referring the reminder I realized of the holiday
Planning for the activities to pass my day.

After having bathe
I stretched myself in the “aaram chair”,
With the novel in the balcony
Playing with my “puffy’s” hair.

Decided the day to spend alone,
I enjoyed watching movie on sofa with pop-corn.
With 6 in the wall clock I went to the garden.
Watching the birds n the children playing, capturing them with my camera on.

Coming back home with the fragrance and the feel
For the dinner, I thought, myself not to squeeze
Ordered the pizza and coke on phone,
Started dancing, rocking the floor.

And again there was someone at my window,
Yes the romantic moon was calling me from my shadow.
With the soft rays, to enlighten my face
Making me feel, being of a princess!

Preparing the ‘to do’ list and setting the alarm clock.
I went to bed, praying Dear Lord.
For all the gifts, big and small
I thanked him for giving me them all.

Thanks to ‘K

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