Let me kiss the sky..~~K2

Open your eyes
And see the sky
With divine insignia
Full of desires…

No matter who cares
And who doesn’t
I am gonna kiss
The sky for sure…

There is no rhyme
For the times of yore
There is no distress
For what has gone astray…

Emotions are there
Which do not subsist
Else somewhere….
I am the candle and I am the light
In the darkness throughout the flight…

The strength and the struggle
Has always been together
Like the two
Sides of the river…

The life goes on
As well my thoughts
In the midst of the obstacles
Nevertheless no pause…

No one knows
As the time flows
What I have been till
And what I will be

I don’t get still
What allusion they need
Am I the blaze?
That can be freezed?

Thanks to ‘K

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