GendaFool : Delhi6

Saiyaan chhed deve
Nanad chutki leve
Sasural genda phool

Saas gaari deve
Dewar samjha leve
Sasural genda phool

Chhora babul ka angna
Bhaave dera piya ka ho
Sasural genda phool

Saiyan hai vyapaari
Chale hai pardesh
Suratiya nihaarun
Jiyara bhari hoye
Sasural Genda phool

Saas gaari deve
Devar ji saamjha deve

Chooda babul ka angana
Bhave dera piya ka hooo

Bushat[2] pahene
Khayike Beda Paan
Pure raipur se alag hai [1]
Saiyan ji ki shaan

Chooda babul ka angana
Bhave dera piya ka hooo

Oye hoye hoye 
oye hoye hoye
oye hoye hoye

Watched this song yesterday for the first time and I am addicted to it. Already listened it for 50 times. Having such an addiction to a song after a long time. Last one i remember was with “Naina Thag lenge” from Omkaara.

Well anyways, lyrics are just too good. “Sasu ji gaali devien, devarjee samjha devien……” Too good and too real. I was discussing it with my friend she and came to know that “Gendaa”(Marigold, english name) is unique in the sense that every leaf/petal of the flower is a flower in itself scientifically. I also remember something similar. Anyways, If she is saying, it must be right. She knows about such complex things better than anyone else i know, so no arguments. 

So if I have got it correctly, song writer wants to say that every new relation a girl gets after marriage is like the leaf of Marigold flower, i.e. a flower in itself. And all these flowers come together in a single pack – “The Sasural“. Such a sweet lines. I wish they were true for every girl. Unfortunately they are not. It’s not a Marigold for every girl. For some it’s a “Gandaa phool” and not “Gendaa phool” .

Anyways, I think I must not spoil your mood. Listen the song if you liked the lyrics.

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