With the advancement in the technology, human beings have started being less and less communicative with others. Do you agree or disagree.

With the advancement in the technology, human beings have started being less and less communicative with others. Do you agree or disagree.

There is a school of thought which contends that the citizens and residents across the globe are engaging themselves less in interacting with other human beings. This is largely due to exceptional progress made into various technical and scientific areas. However, I disagree with this notion. A number of arguments surround my opinion.

To begin with, it is immediately apparent that the way people share information to express and communicate has undergone a dramatic change in last decade. To illustrate this, just about fifteen years ago, a significant number of people used to send letters to communicate. People had to spend more time for less communication. But due to tremendous progress made into technology, people are passing more messages and updates then never before within few seconds. For example, now, I can access my IELTS results from any corner of the world and can share via Facebook or Twitter with hundreds of friends and family members in one go.

Perhaps most importantly, it is abundantly clear that considerable numbers of human beings are having more friends and relatives because of technology advancement. In my personal experience, I had a few close friends but now I have a much wider network of friends and I know about their daily happenings through social networking sites. The situation in my country, Australia is very similar to the state of affairs in most nations around the world.

Proponents of the notion are perhaps talking about only face-to-face communication. That has certainly come down but that is a small price we have to pay for the enormous benefits we gain because of advancement of technology. Overall communication among people definitely shows an upward trend.

When all said and done, I pen down saying that there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that people are actually communicating more and with more number of people in less amount of time then they used to do.


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