In several years many languages die out. Some say it is not important because if we speak fewer languages life would be easier. Do you agree or disagree?

There is a school of thought which contends that it will be futile to spend efforts in saving dying languages as with the usage of limited lingo, day to day survival will be more convenient. I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly that this is the case.

To begin with, it is immediately apparent that if we have less number of speeches, it will be easy to maintain them. For an example, three years ago, it was too difficult for my local librarian to manage library due to presence of thousands of books written in Sanskrit and Udipi language. Hardly few people were able understand these languages and only portion of those books were being used. But as soon as management removed those literatures from shelf, life of librarian and members became easy. Now subscribers are able to find books of their interest much quickly and efficiently.

Perhaps most importantly, it is abundantly clear that by not preserving endangered languages, we can build a solid foundation for one global language for worldwide communication. This will help in removing numerous barriers which  we are facing today due to presence of large number of languages. Moreover kids and adults can pay extra attention and can grasp lessons rather quickly as ample resources will be available at their disposal in that global language.

In my personal experience, I used to speak one dying language, BlaBla. I faced difficulties while dealing with other person as only 500 people on this earth knows BLABLA. But as soon as I learnt English , I find myself in comfortable position while communicating with rest of the people.

When all is said and done, I pen down saying that idea of saving threatened languages sounds good but it is difficult to sustain because the speakers have a right to shift to another language. Once this happens, there is no logical basis for saving a past linguistic behaviour.

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