You received an invitation to your fiend’s party and accepted. However, something came up and you wre unable to attend. Write to your friend, In your letter, you should 1: Apologize 2: Explain why you coult not make it to the party 3: ask for a few details about what the party was like

Dear Pinal,


How are you? I trust this finds you in radiant health. I take this opportunity to apologize myself for not turning up in your marriage anniversary party which you held day before.


First of all, I can’t believe that I missed to attend your function as I know your celebrations are well known for its food and location. I still remember mouth-watering menu of your birthday party which I attended last year. However I am extremely sorry for not coming last night to join you to celebrate your marriage anniversary. I got a call from my father when I was on my way. He told me that there was a break-in at my home. Because of this, I need to return back to my home. As I was busy, I could not get a chance to inform you well in time.


Anyway, let me know what was there in food list and how many people were there. Moreover how was the dance party? For long time, I will curse myself for not being there but please send me event photos. I will request you to join with your family on this Sunday at my home so that we can all spend good time.


With love,

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