Many people now have personal computers and use of electronic services such as the internet is becoming more widespread. Some parents are concerned about children using the internet to gamble or buy goods on credit. How can access to electronic services be controlled?

One doesn’t have to look far, in current circumstances throughout the world, to see that with the easy possession of laptops and digital devices, kids are spending considerable time on online batting as well as purchasing products via e-commerce websites on owed money. Fortunately there are ways to limit or restrict access to internet for youngsters. Few of them are described in following paragraphs.


To begin with, it is abundantly clear that as families are getting more affluent, they can afford high-end gadgets for their teenagers which can access internet 24 X 7 effortlessly. Parents should give sound education about importance of money, as well as, how to spend it to their kids on regular basis.  Along with lessons, they also need to provide clear picture of gambling’s negative effects.


Perhaps, most importantly, under prevailing conditions in modern society, caretakers should monitor their kids’ activities on steady basis. They should hire professional services which can filter and block irrelevant content and websites from getting displayed.


In my personal experience, I founded that my siblings were using my father’s credit card and smartphone to purchase adult items from untrustworthy websites. When my father saw his credit card statement, he, straightaway, realized the importance to curb internet access. He consulted with my brothers and they installed proxy filters along with firewalls to control internet access.


At the end of day, when all is said and done, I pen down saying that with the advent of internet and sense of financial security, challenge is not to stop minor’s from accessing internet  but it resides in how they use it. I strongly believe that parents need to pay attention towards adolescent’s internet usage in great detail and if they find something wrong in it, they should take any of above described remedy.


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