You had a professional photographer take photos at a special family event. You really liked the photos the photographer took. You are having another special family event soon. Write to the photographer. Tell him that you would like to use him again. You should say: What the special family event was that they took photos of last time and why you like them What the special event is that you have coming up and when and where t it Some certain or specific photos of certain people in particular setting or at certain times you would like the photographer to take this time

Dear Mr Patel,


My name is Vishal from Edgecliff, Sydney. I am writing this letter to book your time for photography for my coming family event. It is due on 15th April 2012.


First of all, I’m big fan of your photographs. Till now, not even single weekend has been passed without flipping my wedding album’s pages. This album was composed by you. Each of photographs is of top-notch quality where one can see perfect blind of colour, brightness and contrast.


I would like to avail your service on coming Monday.   I have planned to celebrate my wife’s birthday at Hilton hotel. At present, I have received confirmation from all invitees including my brother who is flying from Singapore to attend party. I will be pleased if you can capture and transform memories with my brother into stunning snaps [Extra Start]which we can cherish over the period of time [/Extra End].


I appreciate if you can manage to allot time from your busy schedule as not only me, but my whole family is keen to have you as photographer.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,


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