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HACKERS Toolkit 2005!!!

The best pack i have ever seen!!!Many tools for windows and cracking software!!!

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Pass: name2489

how to hack password of yahoo hotmail gmail or irc…all

hi all in this tutorial i will show you how to hack passwords all passwords

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password to extract is :

HACKERS Toolkit 2005!!! old but superb

The best pack i have ever seen!!!Many tools for windows and cracking software!!!


Golden eye 2005
HellLabs Proxy Checker v7.4.18
HostScan v1.6.5.531
Invisible Browsing v4.0
IPScanner v1.86
Ascii Factory 0.6
Cool Beans NFO Creator v2.0.1.3
Dizzy v1.10
Feuer’s NFO File Maker v2.0
Ims NFO&DIZ Maker 1.87
Inserter v1.12
NFO Creator v3.5.2
NFO Maker 1.0
Patchs All In One 2005
SoftIce 4.05 -Win 2000-XP
IP Address Scanner
IP Calculator
IP Converter
Port Listener
Port Scanner April 2005
NetStat 2005
Cool Trace Route 2005
TCP/IP Configuration
Online – Offline Checker
Resolve Host & IP
Time Sync
Whois & MX Lookup
Connection Analysator and prtotector
Net Sender April 2005
E-mail seeker
Cool Net Pager
Active and Passive port scanner
Hack Trapper
HTTP flooder (DoS)
Mass Website Visiter
Advanced Port Scanner
Trojan Hunter Multi IP April 2005
Port Connecter Tool
Advanced Spoofer
Cool Advanced Anonymous E-mailer April 2005
Simple Anonymous E-mailer
Anonymous E-mailer with Attachment Support
Mass E-mailer
E-mail Bomber
E-mail Spoofer
Simple Port Scanner (fast)
Advanced Netstat Monitoring
X Pinger
Web Page Scanner
Cool Fast Port Scanner
Deep Port Scanner
Fastest Host Scanner (UDP)
Get Header
Open Port Scanner
Multi Port Scanner
HTTP scanner (Open port 80 subnet scanner)
Multi Ping for Cisco Routers
TCP Packet Sniffer
UDP flooder
Cool Resolve and Ping
Multi IP ping
File Dependency Sniffer
Advanced Encryption
File Difference Engine
File Comparasion
Mass File Renamer
Add Bytes to EXE
5 Cool Variable Encryption
Simple File Encryption
ASCII to Binary
Password Unmasker

Credit Card Number Validate and generate
Create Local HTTP Server
eXtreme UDP Flooder
Web Server Scanner
Force Reboot
Cool Webpage Info Seeker
Advanced Packet Sniffer
IRC server creater
Connection Tester
Fake Mail Sender
Bandwidth Monitor
Remote Desktop Protocol Scanner
MX Query
Messenger Packet Sniffer
Cool API Spy
DHCP Restart
File Merger

Analysis :
OllyDbg 1.10
W32Dasm 8.93 /w patch
PEiD 0.92

Rebuilding :
ImpRec 1.6
Revirgin 1.3
LordPE RoyalITS

Packers :
FSG 2.0
MEW 11 1.2 SE
UPX 1.25

Patchers :
dUP 1.11
CodeFusion 3.0
Universal Patcher Pro 2.0
aPatch 1.07 (*New)
PMaker (*New)
Tola’s Patch Engine 2.03b
ABEL Loader 2.31

HEX Editor :
BView 5.6.2

Decompilers :
DeDe 3.50.04

Unpackers :
Alot! ( ASProtect, ACProtect etc )

Others :

RSATool 2
d*mn HashCalc
Krugers ToolBox
EVACleaner 2.7 (*New)
Process Explorer (*New)
Resource Hacker (*New)
PUPE 2002 (*New)


Pass: name2489

Cracking Protection of any CD (some lengthy proc.)

Hello All,
This is not written by me..I’m just sharing it with ya’ll……..

In this tutorial, I’m gonna show you, how to crack any type of CD Protection,
using W32Dasm, and HIEW.

OK, let’s start:
First of all, you have to run the game you want to crack, without the CD.
The game, doesn’t work of course, (Please, don’t panic) BUT a window pops up, telling you an error message.
This error message will help you to crack the game so, you’ve got to remember it.
For example: Please insert the – CD, or: You need the CD to play the – . ( -, is the
game you want to crack). Anyway, if you can’t remember it,
write it on a little piece of paper.
Now, run Win32Dasm, and on the toolbar, press the first little button on the left, OR, go to Disassembler ->Open file to Disassemble. A menu will pop up. Select
the exe which you want to crack. The disassembling, will take few minutes so, I suggest you relax. Go fetch that beer you were just now thinking about.

OK, it finished its process.
Now, in your screen, there is a strange text, and we can’t understand anything of course. Don’t worry, the only thing we have to do, ( If you want, you can change the font), is to click on the String Data References, the button next to the print button (Strn.REF).
You can see a window which is called String Data Items. Scroll down, and try to
find the game’s error message. When you’ll find it, double click on it, and then,
close the window, to go back to the Win32Dasm text.
As you can see you are somewhere in the CD check routine. This is the message’s
place. Now comes the interesting and difficult part, so, be careful.
We don’t know what all this shit means, BUT we must know the @ offset of
every call and jump command.
Write down, every call and jump @ offset number. (You have to be sure, that the
OPBAR changes its color to green when your over a call or jump command). You need the number behind the @offset without the h, which is at the very bottom of the W32dasm screen. Let’s go to HIEW, now.

To move up and down, use the cursor keys. Start HIEW. exe.
In the HIEW directory, there is a list of exes and programs. Go to the directory, which you saved the game’s exe, we want to crack, and click on the exe. Click F4,
and then, a menu will pop up, with 3 words. Text, Hex, and Decode. Click on
Decode, and now, we can understand the list of numbers.
Click F5, and you can now enter the number, we wrote down, in Win32Dasm. Type it, and you will be placed at the number’s place. The cursor is placed on a command.

Before I’ll continue, I want to explain you something. For example, if the command where our cursor is placed on, is E92BF9BF74, means that it is 5 bytes.
Every 2 numbers, are one byte: E9-2B-F9-BF-74 = 90-90-90-90-90. 10 letters, mean, 5 bytes.
OK, if you understood it, you can continue.

Press F3, which means edit, and now you can edit these ten numbers.
Type five times, the number 90. For every byte, 90. Now click on F10 to exit.
We cracked the CD protection of the – . Congratulations.

Change Any Users Password In Xp

wannna to change any user password

go to
start : -> run :-> cmd – > write  “control userpasswords2”   without “”

a new screen will be open containing all the accounts……

from there u will get the easier way to change admin usrname n password and all other accounts info too……..

thanks man