Imeem for Android Will Rock Your G1

Imeem for Android is a music application from available for free at the Android Market.

This application caught my eye as one of the early front-runners in popularity at the Android Market. I’ve been using it for about a month, and I listen just about daily.

As a music app, it’s faster and easier to use than the music player that’s built into the G1 handset. If you’re more in the mood for a genre than for a specific song or artist, it’s a better choice. One of the application’s strengths is its buffering capabilities. You won’t get any hiccups or skips in songs — even in an elevator. I’ve had songs restart on me once or twice after a few seconds of playing, but Imeem definitely got streaming right with this application.

Local Favorites
One of the fun features is a station that plays the songs that are currently hot in your area. One recent visit to the “Los Angeles” channel served up some fresh new Britney Spears, Kanye West and even Paris Hilton; it definitely didn’t offer any music I’d actually want to listen to.

Imeem claims to customize its music feed based on your preferences. The interface on the G1 does include a “heart” button that allows you to tell it that you like the song you’re hearing. But what does pushing that button do?

Imeem lacks a clear indication of how the user’s input influences the music selection going forward. If I push the “heart” button, does that mean the system is learning my preferences and using that to create a better mix of music for me? I’d like to think so, but I still end up hearing roughly the same mix of music on each of the stations I listen to.

Perhaps the input is being used in a more macro fashion, such as to link bands and music styles to each other, but I want a little more.

Where’s My Station?
The Imeem Android app offers the option to create a separate station based on my favorite artists, but when I go to that station, nothing plays.

This kind of feature seems to exist on the Web version of Imeem, but it hasn’t translated effectively to the Android client just yet. One other thing I’ve noticed is that artists I set as favorites on my phone don’t necessarily show up as such on the Web site.

So, while Imeem says its Android app “seamlessly integrates with features on,” I would say the seams are showing.

Still, for the way I use it — as Web radio on the go — Imeem is a worthwhile application that mixes in some new bands and additional familiar music along with the music it already knows you like.

Chanel Choco phone

The market of the exclusive cell phones develops no slower than that of usual ones. The reason for this consists in the fact that many reach and famous people prefer to buy very expensive cell phones of limited editions. Generally the only thing that distinguishes these original devices from traditional ones is their first-class design. An absolutely new cell phone by Chanel represents one of such exclusive devices.

The gadget called the Chanel Choco phone is a cell phone that has been designed by Fred de Garilhe. It works by “integrating an optical fiber system that displays image between two glass parts. There are 12 micro lighter fibers that project image components to the glass, enabling thus quite a good luminosity, and keep the mobile phone concept as light as possible. But all the lights appear just when you open the phone by pushing removable part on the side of it.” In addition to this given cell phone looks incredibly great standing for Madame Coco Chanel’s superb design sense. Actually on the first glance the gadget doesn’t seem to be a phone at all. When it is closed, it looks more like a piece of chocolate, but made from white, black, or yellow gold surface.

Thus, given cell phone has every prospect to success. Moreover, I think that it will be desired by many people, despite its price that will probably be quite a high one, because nothing of this kind has been created before.

full web browsing on your mobile!

TeaShark gives you full web browsing on your mobile phone with superb usability and performance. It renders web pages the same way as desktop browsers. No more ‘mobile web’, your favourite sites are the same on your phone and the desktop.

-TeaShark renders web pages the same way as desktop browsers. It’s no more mobile web with hardly any content. Your favorite sites are the same on your phone and the desktop.

-There’s an intelligent mouse for easy navigation. The cursor jumps to the next link to click, saving you the trouble. Navigate as fast or slow as you need with page up and down, left and right shortcuts. Jump to content: the display snaps to the text you’re reading.

-TeaShark has unique 2-level zooming. The first level is for fine scrolling with reading capabilities, while the second is for quick jumping from section to section. You’ll never be lost on the page.

-Go sideways for a more natural feel. TeaShark can rotate the page 90 degrees to landscape mode.

-Tabs is a must for any browser. TeaShark has it. You can open a link in a tab and access it the same way as you would access your browsing history. You can easily slide back and forth, up and down. TeaShark also remembers your last session and when you start it up again, your browsing and tab history is there as you left it the last time.




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Free calls from mobiles

For free calls from mobiles goto:

try it for five minutes then it says you can call for an hour a day for free.
try it with ‘a pay as you go’ phone with no credit on it, it works…

However there might be a catch, they might be taking money off people who u r calling, but who cares about that… lol

Motorola and Google Align for Mobile Search

Motorola enables users immediate access to Google on millions of Motorola handsets worldwide

Las Vegas, NV – 6 January 2006 – Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT), a global leader in wireless communications, and Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced a global alliance to enable users easy access to Google on Motorola handsets.

Motorola will integrate a Google icon onto select devices so that users can connect directly to Google anytime, anywhere at the click of a button. These mass-market, Internet-optimized handsets will be distributed from early 2006 to select Motorola customers worldwide.

“Many of our customers have been asking for mobile devices integrated with their consumers’ favorite online search services. By featuring Google on Motorola handsets for those customers, we are making it easier for consumers to connect to the information they need when they need it,” said Scott Durchslag, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Global xProducts for Motorola’s Mobile Device business. “Our relationship with Google provides an opportunity for us to offer a high quality mobile search experience – one familiar to and loved by millions of users across the globe.”

“Access to information is imperative for people on-the-go. Whether checking the local weather or locating the restaurant of their choice, consumers today require personalized search services that are tailored to their needs,” said Nikesh Arora, vice president, European Operations, Google Inc. “With immediate access to Google, millions of Motorola users worldwide will be able to quickly and easily find information that’s important to them.”

Motorola handsets with the Google icon are expected to be available to consumers starting in Q1 of 2006.

About Motorola
Motorola is a Fortune 100 global communications leader that provides seamless mobility products and solutions across broadband, embedded systems and wireless networks. In your home, auto, workplace and all spaces in between, seamless mobility means you can reach the people, things and information you need on the go. Seamless mobility harnesses the power of technology convergence and enables smarter, faster, cost-effective and flexible communication. Motorola had sales of US $31.3 billion in 2004. For more information:

About Google Inc.
Google’s innovative search technologies connect millions of people around the world with information every day. Founded in 1998 by Stanford Ph.D. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google today is a top web property in all major global markets. Google’s targeted advertising program provides businesses of all sizes with measurable results, while enhancing the overall web experience for users. Google is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit