Livin’ the Hard Life,,,Saturday Night You’re Not With Me,,,Tell Me One More Time

Sometimes life seems too hard
All I wanna do is run away from me
Sometimes pressures get me down
All I want is just to be free

Sometimes I get lost in life
Forgettin’ my reason to be
Sometimes I get stuck midstream
Life washes over me

Sometimes there’s more dark than light
It’s no wonder I can’t see
Sometimes the music stops when I’m dancin’
My legs collapse under me

Sometimes it seems life’s questions
Bring unwelcomed answers…
Those takin’ the better part of me
Sometimes life seems too hard
All I wanna do is run away from me

Sometimes life seems too hard
All I wanna do is run away from me





It’s Saturday night, you’re not with me
That much is plain enough to see
Sat at the bar, waitin’ for you
Closin’ time comin’, almost two

Losin’ hope, beer by beer
Life without you, my worst fear
Last time I saw you, in your pink and white dress
I thought what a beauty, I must confess

I glance in the mirror, hopin’ to see you
I look at the door, wantin’ you to walk through
It’s now past last call, this place is a closin’
You’re not comin’ tonight, that I’m supposin’

Part of me says, give you a call
Even better yet, stop by your residence hall
Then I think, what if you’re with him
My chances with you growin’ more dim

It’s Saturday night, you’re not with me
That much is plain enough to see.

Another one written during my college days
in Tucson. As I recall, this was written in 1971.
Again, shooting for song lyrics with this one.


Tell me, one more time
I can’t fall in love with you
Let me, once again
Hold you like I do
Say you won’t forget me
and how we used to be
Tell me, one more time
I can’t fall in love with you.

So long ago, when we’d dance
our love seemed so true
Remember how we always were
you as me and me as you
In each other’s eyes
the world, grew and grew
Tell me, one more time
I can’t fall in love with you

Sometimes I think I can’t go on
knowing you are gone
The memories leave me empty
ain’t no life, without you
Give our love one last chance
that’s the least you can do
Tell me, just one more time
I can’t fall in love with you

Don’t Leave Me Baby,

Well past two, we danced last night
Legs out stretched, in paradise
Swillin’ beer, almost blind
Still see your face, oh so fine
Held you close, three slow numbers we danced
Circling earth, time we chanced
Wanted you, to swallow me
Give me lovin’, set me free
With hair drippin’, we said goodbye
My heart’s trippin’, you’re the one I cry
Your perfume lingers, like sweet butterflies
Don’t leave me baby, share your surprise
Just you and me, sleepin’ in till noon
School can wait, mornin’ comes too soon
A thing or two, I could learn from you
You break my heart right in two
Drivin’ home, you were all I could see
Light my fire, set me free.
Tomorrow’s Friday, let’s dance all night
In my arms, I’ll hold ya tight

Note: Written in 1971 by Don Iannone, in
Tucson, Arizona, soon after the release of
Lee Michaels’ single, “Do You Know What I Mean?”

Come on rain, moisten me again! K8

Peep into my shriveled soul
Can’t you see the darken shades?
Look into my tattered core
Can’t you see the wish for a thread?

Come on rain, moisten me again!

The day has come
That I have been waiting for
My paper-boats are ready
To float more vibrantly than before!

Come on rain, moisten me again!

The boys are happy
Those buffalos are charming
As all are enjoying
After the ardent heating

Look at the earth
That has become green
Seems like a bride
Wearing your moisture beads

Wet me, drench me
Moisten me completely
That I can not see
Anything else than thee

Thanks to ‘K

It’s my Sunday..!!!!K7

The sun augmented the mountains and shined,
Like a baby crawled and smiled.
Enlightened my face with his rays
Full of warmth like the god praised.

I looked at the old wall clock,
Making silly faces,
I wished to sleep again,
Dreaming about heavenly places.

Searching for excuses, I covered my face a little more.
Showing the big ‘thumb’ at the ‘to do’ reminder board.
I heard someone shouting, knocking hard on the door.
Realizing my cutie puffy again jumped off the neighbor’s wall.

I rushed to the gate, to save my lovely pet,
From the cruel neighbor lady, jumping on the sofa-set.
Giving away a speech on mercy and patience,
I walked back with my puffy, with the face full of innocence.

With the sandwiches and juice, I turned my radio on.
Enjoyed the breakfast with music and health tips on
Referring the reminder I realized of the holiday
Planning for the activities to pass my day.

After having bathe
I stretched myself in the “aaram chair”,
With the novel in the balcony
Playing with my “puffy’s” hair.

Decided the day to spend alone,
I enjoyed watching movie on sofa with pop-corn.
With 6 in the wall clock I went to the garden.
Watching the birds n the children playing, capturing them with my camera on.

Coming back home with the fragrance and the feel
For the dinner, I thought, myself not to squeeze
Ordered the pizza and coke on phone,
Started dancing, rocking the floor.

And again there was someone at my window,
Yes the romantic moon was calling me from my shadow.
With the soft rays, to enlighten my face
Making me feel, being of a princess!

Preparing the ‘to do’ list and setting the alarm clock.
I went to bed, praying Dear Lord.
For all the gifts, big and small
I thanked him for giving me them all.

Thanks to ‘K

You are the Best!!!! K6

Dulcet fragrance in the air
Carried upon wings of care
The stars disclose the things I want to share
making the constellation shine and extend.

A beautiful new day is dawning
And above the sun shining so hard,
I want you know I am thinking
Of you with warmth in my heart.

I wish you, sunshine each day,
To warm you head to toe.
My love and my care,
To follow you wherever you go.

There’ve been many mountains we’ve had to climb
And sometimes, forever, has seemed like a very long time.
And we’ve suffered our share of pain,
Remembering your fav. quote that “pain is gain”.

Greater troubles may lie ahead,
but together there is no hill we cannot tread.
Stop worrying and move ahead,
As we’ve got to deal with many more trades.

Your life will always have my love for you,
Always remember that my heart beats for you.

I’ll be here forever, for most,
The person beside me will be you of course.
And there is nothing in the cosmos,
Which together we cannot pull off.

So, widen your arms and let the day flow
For you truly, do your best!
To make yourself and others know
You are head and shoulders above the rest.

Thanks to ‘K

Battle with my soul…K5

It was a gloomy night
In the hope of a little light
One Innocent was screaming loud
To get through the clumsy cloud

I shouted loud very stridently
To help him come out of the snare
Hurdles increased as well their intensity
As I moved forward to the shore

There was a flood
And to my surprise it was of blood
That tried to drench him in
Don’t know how I managed to hold him.

After some time his face became clear
Oh dear god! It was my soul
That was calling me to come over the fear
Make myself stanch and strong as I was before

He scolded me and still pinching me
Where I was standing and what I am today!
He tried a lot to teach me to call me
But was all in vain as I was on a wrong way

I myself seize the hurts to the deep
While I weep while I weep
My soul goes far away as I creep
And the battle gets over just in a beep

There is no beauty of sea surrounding the islands
Still I move forward in search of my soul
Gazing at the blue sky, and the dry grasslands
Longing to fly imprudently again in the heavens-lands…

Thanks to ‘K

I lie Captive….K4

I lie captive in the confines of my own creation
My head mirrors the pain, flashing through my vision
Searing Reality numbs me to the world
I count my breaths as my shroud is unfurled

I loved and I loved passionately,was it wrong to expect tht in return?
I cared and I cared selflessly, was I right in receiving the heartburn?
I gave and I gave tirelessly, was it fitting to be repaid with slander?
My patience wore thin and I lashed out, and now they don’t appreciate the candour!

I know its pointless to have expectations when loving unconditionally
I know its madness to wish everyone was more like me
I know its useless to open my arms to the sky so blue
I know its meaningless to be there for someone who will never be there for you

I see your eyes twinkling at me
I see your smile directed at me
I see your pain beckoning to me
I will take it all… If only you let me…

Vilified at every turn, I choose to keep walking
Spurned at every door, I choose to keep knocking
Been there, done that, life’s becoming a constant déjà-vu
Pretending, Yearning, Hoping to find a friend who’d be true

…And yet, I return… to my own personal Hell…

Thanks to ‘K