Kindly read this before  surfing to this blog.

1: i personaly do not like piracy and i do not want to promote  piracy – sharing.

2:  All software listed here are their creator property. they are investing lots and lots of money and  time ..  A lots of Efforts are there to create just a simple program.

3: So, if you are capable of spending money then please do not use this link . Give whole creadit to its creator. atleast donate in some good charity.

4: Thesse links are just for those who does not have money and  want to explore world of internet – computer

5: If any one thinks i am promoting piracy just mail me at vishal.comp@gmail.com with subject line contain : “Stop Sharing” and in the messege write the which post i shoul delete. i will take action ASAP.

6: I am just copy – paste all this information from other web-sites.
Thanks man.. You can surf now either select category or go to home  page to see latest  post

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