Blast in Ahmedabad ,Gujarat , ahd, amdavad

Report: around 17 blast in Ahmedabad РGujarat  -India


AHMEDABAD: Close on the heels of Bangalore serial blasts, serial blasts rocked Ahmedabad on Saturday evening. (Watch)

All the explosion were low intensity blasts. At least twenty people have been injured in the blasts, they have been taken to Maninagar hospital. Six blasts have been confirmed. According to reports two people are feared dead.

The Gujarat Home Minister said 12 blasts had occurred. All metros have been put on high alert. The entire mobile network has come to a standstill. Chief Minister Narendra Modi is due to hold an emergency meeting.

The Prime Minister has condemned the Ahmedabad blasts and appealed for calm.

Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Shakeel Ahmed said that serial blasts speak of serious security lapses on the part of the state government. Maharashtra, Rajasthan and several other states have been put on high alert.

There are reports that there many live bombs still across the city. According to reports, a terror outfit claiming itself to be Indian Mujahidden sent an email at 6.41 pm(local time) claiming that the blasts at Ahmadabad were being carried out to avenge the Gujarat riots.

The first explosion took place in Maninagar, which happens to be Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s constituency. The second blast happened in the Sardar Patel Diamond market. The third and fourth blasts took place in Saranpur Bridge and Isanpur. While the first bomb was reportedly planted in a cycle, the other bombs were hidden in tiffin boxes, according to police sources. There were other blasts in Bapu Nagar and Raipur.