It is very important that children should study hard at schools. Time spent playing sport is time wasted. Do you agree?

One does not have to look far, in today’s competitive world, to see that to have a bright future; children need to develop expertise not only on academic level but also on sports front as well. There is a school of thought which contends that kids should focus only on studies  as time spent on field is wastage of time.  This will be proven wrong by analysing importance of sports at every stage of life.

Firstly, there is no denial that student should study hard during school days.  However, important lessons of professional life such as team work and team spirit can be best learnt on fields. For example, numerous universities and schools have found that student’s regular participation in sports has helped students to learn team spirit  rather quickly. Thus, it is clear that time spent of sports is actually time well spent.

Secondly, due to globalization, there are ample career opportunities present in sports sector. A student with good field level skills can earn millions of dollars which otherwise not possible. For instance, Usan Bolt has made big name and fame into 100 metres field track event. It is worth to mentions here that he was identified, nurtured and trained by his teacher when he was in standard three. From this it becomes quite evident that students have great prospects if they developed talent in sport by investing time at early stage of their life.

At the end of the day, I pen down saying that studies and sports should go parallel. However, vital lesson of life such as team engagement can be truly learnt via sports only.  Moreover, time spent on sports is actually time well utilized as it could open door for great opportunity.  It is hoped that more and more students will appreciate the significance of time allocation for sports for better life experience.

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  1. Real way, who wrote this essay. Nice words and examples as well as good…

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